Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Love the life you live

I love my life. I absolutely love it. It has taken me a long time and a lot of introspection to get to where I am today but I would not change a thing. I feel like I am finally becoming the woman I have always wanted to be, and it feels amazing.

For a long time, whenever I would hear someone stress about something or complain, I would automatically think to myself, "Really? I would looove for that to be my biggest problem right now!". I have gone through more than most people have in a lifetime but I have finally realized that that does not give me the right to discount someone else's pain or problems. To them, it is a big deal. As my mother has always said to me, "everybody has their own cross to bear". Just because I have been through what I've been through, does not mean that their problems are any less real than my own. I think the purpose of all of our lives is to identify a part of us or a certain situation that is less than ideal and work within ourselves to improve on that. It's easy to think that school or classes end when we graduate, but life is where we truly become educated. There is nothing that tests us more than every day life. Things happen that we do not expect on a daily basis and the goal is to adapt and cope with any kind of situation. I feel that resiliency is one of the greatest gifts to have. It is an incredibly difficult trait to achieve but once you have it, it becomes a life saver.

I know that some people when they look at me or my situation tend to feel bad for me or wonder how I can remain so positive. My answer to that is, how could I not be positive?? I'm alive! I have the most amazing family and friends that have been there for me even when they didn't know how to be. I have an incredible group of doctors that truly care about my well being. God has snuck in little miracles at every turn and He has never and will never leave my side. Yes, I have had a few bad days but every day that I wake up is truly a blessing from God. We all go through rough times in our lives, but God never gives us more than we can handle, and I think I've handled this pretty well :)

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